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STICKY MICRO DOTS - Perfect for those intricate die cuts

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No more mess! A micro dot adhesive that will make your crafting so much easier.

Simply place your intricate or small die cuts on the sticky sheet, place the plastic film over top and rub. Lift off your paper die cut with a paper piercer  to remove it from the adhesive and your die is now a sticker. The adhesive remains tacky for a short time so you are able to adjust and re-stick until you are happy with the placement. Any residue on your paper can easily be removed with an adhesive eraser.

  • No more oozing glue
  • No more over-spray and fumes from spray adhesives
  • No more stick-and-commit like double-sided tape
  • No more unstuck edges or flourishes
  • No more drying time
  • No more waste
  • Works well with parchment - No more glue blobs


card making, scrapbooking, sticker making, home decor, household and office use.
5 sheets of (8.5 x 11 inches)
Clear Acid Free