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Jewel Picker

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Marvy® Jewel Picker is an ultimate tool for jewelry making, beading, scrapbooking, paper crafts, and nail art. It picks up beads, rhinestones, gems, glitters, confetti, punch outs and more. Use it with objects too little to pick up with your fingers. An alternative to tweezers for your craft projects. 


  1. Marvy® Jewel Picker will lose adhesion by catching dusts and oils.
  2. To regain its adhesion, just roll the tip on adhesive tape. This will pick up any dust and oils on the tip.
  3. To lessen its tackiness, touch the tip with your finger tips. This will add oil to the tip. If the tip looses it tackiness completely and using the adhesive tape to remove it does not work, then use an ultra fine sandpaper to rub off any dust and objects. This should recover its tackiness.

How to use

    1. Separate the objects so it will be easy to select.
    2. Lightly press the tacky tip of the Jewel picker on to the object until it adheres to it.
    3. Carefully place the object on to the desired area of your project.